Friday, July 17, 2015

What to Wear

What To Wear

You have come to the right place! Recruitment is fast approaching and will be here before we know it. For PNMs (Potential New Members), outfit choice is a major part of the recruitment process. In reality it is the conversations we will have during the recruitment process that will truly matter, but we also want to look our best. Below are some pointers for what to wear, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us on any of our social media accounts (@TCUPanhellenic). 

Round 1 (Days 1 and 2): 

You’ll receive a white Panhellenic t-shirt when you attend PNM orientation on August 16th. Pair it with some nice shorts or a cute skirt that are light (it is going to be HOT!) Try to avoid short jean shorts and tight skirts - you want to look presentable! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that are already broken in because you and your group will be doing a lot of walking today!

Round 2 (Day 3): 

On day three, it is appropriate to wear a casual sundress, romper or a cute skirt and top combo! You will still be doing a lot of walking, so flats or sandals are suggested. Check out our Pinterest page for ideas for outfits!

Round 3 (Day 4): 

Think Sunday brunch! Many women wear sundresses this day with wedges! If you choose to wear heals or wedges, it may be smart to bring flip flops you can wear on the walk between chapters and the walk back to the BLUU!

Preference Round (Day 5): 

Preference round, round four, is the dressiest of days. A nice cocktail dress (like a homecoming dress) are the usual go-to for this round. Typically chapter members wear black or white dresses, so you may want adjust your wardrobe so you do not blend in! Avoid long prom dresses, it’s still HOT HOT HOT!

Bid Day (Day 6): 

On bid day you can wear any shorts you want! It would be a good idea to be comfortable, you never know what the bid day activity is going to be!

What Not To Wear

Watches: Out of respect for our active chapter members, we ask that you do not wear watches at any time during recruitment. This is to make sure that you aren’t unintentionally checking the time during an event. Don’t worry about keeping time - all of our recruitment staff including Rho gammas and recruitment team will make sure to keep you on schedule!

Cell Phones: Leave your cell phones in your dorm! Leaving your phone behind ensures that you will have ample time to interact and befriend other PNMs! This will also allow for you to make a decision yourself, without confiding with anyone via text. If, for some reason, an emergency arises and you need to contact your family, we will work with you based on your individual needs. 

Purses: There is no need to bring your purse to the chapters during recruitment. We provide every PNM with a clear plastic bag that will remain under the tent while you are inside the chapters. You will be able to store any make-up, hair brushes, or mints in your plastic bag!

Perfume: With so many women in one small space, a huge cloud of different perfumes can be very overwhelming. Ditch the perfume, but don’t hesitate to wear deodorant!

Need More Ideas?


Check out these local stores for some great choices: Stellas Boutique ( or Beehive (  

We are so excited you have decided to participate in recruitment and we can’t wait to see you on August 15th at PNM Orientation! If using any social media, make sure to use our hashtag #TCUPanhellenic2015 

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