Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Month of the Scholar Overview

“We, as undergraduate members of women’s fraternities, stand for good scholarship...”
This being the first part of our Panhellenic Creed,  the doctrine by which our organization lives by, only further illuminates how important scholarship is to us and our members. As the month of the scholar draws to a close, the Panhellenic community has a lot to celebrate. The women of TCU Panhellenic represent our university in the best way- the overall sorority GPA is 3.4. On average, a woman in a sorority will maintain a higher grade point average than a woman not in a sorority, and the community we have developed encourages a positive academic atmosphere. Scholarship is a key pillar to Greek life at TCU, and we as a community take pride in the academic achievements of each chapter.

Listed below are the names of each of the 349 women who achieved a perfect 4.0 in the Fall 0f 2015: 

Alpha Chi Omega
Arnold, Regan
Bowen, Blair
Burreson, Maggie
Clement, Sarah
Cooper, Hannah
Gross, Maggie
Gussoni, Olivia
Helms, Katherine
Hicks, Courtney
Hoppes, Ellie
Jaslikowi, Kathryn
Kirby, Bailey
Leatherwood, Alyson
MacAill, Jordan
Meneley, Taylor
Milligan, Stephanie
Nowicki, Rachel
Papin, Delaney
Patershuk, Alexandra
Path, Elise
Pfeiffer, herine
Richards, Josey
Roberts, Allie
Schulien, Mackenzie
Settle, Maddie
Tew, Miriam
Tolf, Rissa
Williamson, Kacey
Spaulding, Emily
Aguilar, De Lamor
Bentley, Hope
Tucker, Rebecca

Alpha Delta Pi
Banat, Emily
Beckley, Madi
Block, Abbey
Calderon, Alexis
Darrouzet, Claire
Dreixler, Jillian
Edwards, Jessie
Fissell, MaryAnne
Fulton, Shannon
Hall, Ellen
Helm, Myranda
Hinchey, Stephanie
Hopkins, Emily
Howard, Nikki
Inglis, Emily
Kalis, Holly
Kneblik, Cassandra
Knudsen, Molly
Korsan, Lainey
Leslie, Jill
Maenner, Gabby
Medders, Ali
Moreau, Brianna
Morrison, Shaye
Reeves, Eden
Rettig, Katie
Rieder, Kathryn
Spangler, Celeste
Teays, Katie
Whitley, Tori
Wilkerson, Hannah
Zellner, Alyssa
Erickson, Elise
Fletcher, Emily
Mahaney, Hayden
Mayfield, Paris
Nettelblad, Hannah
Samaniego, Ranee

Alpha Omricron Pi
Bruns, Melissa
Calvano, Sierra
Carbine, Chloe
Dianis, Erin
Gaw, Melanie
Heinrich, Morgan
Hughes, Emily
Huntsman, Stephanie
  Krus, Mackie
  Little, Kacy
  Mings, Morgan
  Neudeck, Taylor
  Rydquist, Caroline
  Shirmer, Nicole
  Smalley, Brianna
  Timmer, Sarah
  Hurst, Madeline
  Snow, Maddie
  Vachio, Morgan

Chi Omega
Breeland, Shannon
Bush, Mackenzie
Carlson, Emma
Carroll, Cody
Crofford, Avery
Dace, Emily
Dougherty, Allie
Gallagher, Megan
Gates, Kensey
Heckes, Sydney
Howard, Hannah
Hunsicker, Lauren
Kline, Sarah
Knight, Riley
Locke, Remi
Louis, Mackie
Martin, Margo
Murphy, Sarah
Nelson, Bess
Trank, Meredith
Wampler, Maeson
Woodard, Meg
Wright, Courtney
Bieter, Jacqueline
Cook, Catherine
Denson, Ann Marie
Franko, Grace
Hertel, Ellie
Joe, Sarah
McMullin, Lee
Turner, Grace
Wade, Caroline
Walker, Hughes
Schropp, Kamryn
Sestak, Bailey
Smith, Jordan
Snell, Grace
Reidy, Meghan
Perot, Meredith
Nord, Kally

Delta Delta Delta
Bailey, Anna
Baxter, Sloane
Briscoe, Audrey
Bulleit, Emma
Dockhorn, Alex
Fowler, Lindsay
Gilbert, Lizzy
Hollis, Kristen
Hudson, Bentley
Kenyon, Annie
Lapeyre, Elyse
Miller, Meredith
Paul, Abby
Reckling, Rienzi
Schulz, Maddy
Shaver, Lily
Smith, Alex
White, Taylor
Wood, Nicole
Norton, Caroline
Steed, Brennan

Delta Gamma
Alders, Kelsey
Burgess, Lauren
Cranston, MariClaire
Loe, Steffi
McCurdy, Hayley
Roark, Katy
Toups, Stephanie
Unflat, Alli
Walsh, Courtney
Watt, Darby
Weishaar, Paige
Zanette, Megan
Galloway, Sydney
Trunfio, Julia
Weaver, Teal

   Gamma Phi Beta
Blanchard, Emma
   Bordeaux, Claire
   Brachman, Erin B
   Brown, Jessie
   Burgess, Rachel
   Faust, Ally
   Garrison, Lindsay
   Helf, Marisa
   Hicks, Kaley
   Hiett, Kiley
   Hudson, Meredith
   Hults, Kate
   Ingle, Ashton
   Jupina, Lauren
   Kanakriyeh, Chloe
   Masrin, Jessica
   Reid, Charlotte
   Roughton, Haley
   Scherr, Alyssa
   Schouten, Nicole
   Sullivan, Courtney
   Takeda, Caitlyn
   Tedford, Darcy
   Thomas, Chandler
   Townsend, Hallie
   Bump, Amanda
   Khorram, Catherine
   Michaelides, Eleni
   Schurr, Logan

Kappa Alpha Theta
Anthony, Addie
   Boren, Emma
   Burnett, Makenzie
   Caruso, Brittany
   Cravens, Natalie
   Cress, Tori
   Cummiskey, Catherine
   Duerson, Claire
   Garrett, Madi
   Goodsell, Ashley
   Goulet, Lauren
   Harrison, Beth
   Kendrick, Megan
   Kirkegaard, Sydney
   Lattu, Jenna
   Lindley, Madeline
   Marinko, Ashley
   Maynard, Abbie
   McCurdy, Cami
   McHenry, Samantha
   McSweeney, Catherine
   Middlebrook, Blair
   Mittenthal, Lauren
   Moore, Mandy
   Motley, Marlee
   O'Connor, Colleen
   Passalino, Liza
   Paul, Delaney
   Paul, Hannah
   Powell, Audrey
   Quinn, Shannon
   Rambo, Gayle
   Raye, Jackie
   Reddick, Maddie
   Repeta, Elle
   Sparks, Elizabeth
   Sporl, Morgan
   Stacey, Carly
   Vick, Camille
   Wigand, Brooke
   Zatopek, Jordan
   Flack, Robbi
   French, Caroline
   Goforth, Madison
   Lynch, Jane
Marchbanks, Ericka
   Smiley, Amanda
   Warren, Mackenzie
   Widick, Abbey

Kappa Kappa Gamma
Abernathy, Amelia
   Baker, Mary
   Beathard, Julianna
   Dyer, Claire
   Fortune, Kylie
   Friedman, Allie
   Fussell, Haley
   Griffin, McKenzie
   Harvard, Julia
   Maloney, Monica
   McKee, Colleen
   Murtagh, Maeve
   Otis, Miranda
   Ridings, Sarah
   Roth, McKenna
   Seibel, Raleigh
   Simons, Alysia
   Snitman, Annie
   Todd, Aubrey
   Velarde, Jackie
   York, Hannah
   Zellers, Julia
   Grant, Logan
   Hoes, Talley
   Mauze, Louisa

Pi Beta Phi
Adams, Haley
   Brown, Caroline
   Burns, Nicole
   Charanza, Canon
   Davis, Nellie
   Grona, Kasey
   Hays, Allie
   Hefley, Hannah
   Hockema, Perri
   Krieger, Paige
   Martinez, Maria
   McKerr, Lindsay
   Meland, Ali
   O'Neal, Lainey
   Pourzan, Emma
   Reneau, Samantha
   Sanguinetti, Kendra
   Sidner, Sofia
   Simons, Melissa
   Slater, McKenna
   Stefano, Taylor
   Streelman, Maggie
  Vikos-Kamini, Morgan
   Warren, Carly

Sigma Kappa
Browne, Nicole
   Bulot, Amanda
   Cahill, Meg
   Cook, Maddie
   Dennis, Taylor
   Dohnalek, Sophie
   Egan, Haley
   Fehler, Alexis
   Gillette, Erin
   Hannappel, Maddy
   Hanrahan, Clare
   Hill, Monica
   Howard, Shannon
   Kaase, Michelle
   Linren, Danielle
   Morgan, Katie
   Peek, Ashley
   Racer, Ali
   Ralston, Meggy
   Riccobene, Grace
   Roberts, Francesca
   Shea, Mary Lauren
   Taylor, Hannah
   Teeter, Emily
   Dvorak, Jessica
   Guvenc, Victoria
   Middleton, Camille
   Nagel, Sarah
   Nakhleh, Lauren
   Ramelb, Lauren
    Schmidt, Megan

Zeta Tau Alpha
Amble, Eva
   Bue, Piper
   Clark, Caitlyn
   Flood, Alexis
   Giovenco, Tori
   Green, Caroline
   Grosshans, Kerry
   Jenkins, Halee
   Michero, Randi
   Nolan, Cadie
   Oberg, Madison
   Schmitt, Amber
   Schroer, Haley
   Sloan, Nan
   Tacker, Loren
   Trzaa, Jacklyn
   Westphal, Sarah
   Colombe, Cameron
   Dennis, Danielle
   Duckworth, Sidney
   Gardiner, Kelsey
   Jarvis, Cassie
   Keaney, Lauren
   Rice, Kendra
   Yeager, Shaela

A huge congratulations to all of these women! Additionally, each chapter nominated a member of the TCU faculty and one chapter member who has continually exemplified excellent scholarship.

Madi DiGesualdo
Courtney Hicks
Kathryn Giles
Kally Nord
Mary D’Alise
Katy Roark
Lauren Jupina
Mckenna Roth
Lesli Adkins
Ashley Peek
Mary Grekstas
Haley Schroer
Yvonne Giovannis
Jessica Ledbetter
Michelle Bauml
Bob Akin
Stacy Grau
Regan Boxwell
William Moncrief
Vanessa Shropshire
Elyse Menger
Ronald Pitcock
Jacqueline Lambiase

Thank you to every member of the Panhellenic community who consistently strives to achieve academic excellence and thank you for a wonderful Month of the Scholar! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Year In Review

This past year has been a great one for all of our chapters on campus. As the semester is coming to a close, we wanted to take a look back on the great things they accomplished! We are very proud of all twelve chapters and look forward to seeing what they do in the future. 

  1. We hosted our second annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event at the beginning of October in which fraternities sign up teams to do a relay race in heels. We raised almost $2,000 for the Women's Center of Tarrant County. 
  2. Two of our chapter members, Katy Oliphint and Kathryn Jaslikowski, represented our chapter on Panhellenic Exec this year. We are very proud of all their accomplishments on this board. 
  3. We initiated 72 new members into our lifelong sisterhood. We cannot wait to see how they will grow throughout their collegiate career. 

  1. Very successful chapter retreat with a new format that the chapter loved
  2. We were able to host two social visits from international officers including two international presidents

  1. On April 1st we had our first annual Sink Out Arthritis event! The event was created by our own Philanthropy Chair, Caitlin Blanck, and was a huge success! We raised around $2,000 in donations alone and are so excited to see our event grow in the future!
  2. The Jingle Bell Run is a nation wide event to raise money and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation, our national philanthropy. Our chapter created a team for the Fort Worth run in hopes of having around 50 members. We ended up with over 60 members and raising over $4,000, making us the biggest team in terms of members and money raised!
  3. Our Up 'til Dawn team, led by new our initiates, has a goal of $3,000. So far, our team is in the top 3 for fundraisers!

  1. The Rho Epsilon chapter of Chi Omega at TCU helps support Make-A-Wish Philanthropy as Chi O's national philanthropy.  This semester, we raised a grand total of $174,722 for Make-A-Wish!
  2. In the fall, we were so excited to welcome 71 new members into the chapter!  They are almost at the end of their new membership program and will be initiated in January when we return from winter break.
  3. We are having a bittersweet time spending the firsts of the "lasts" with our beloved senior members.  Many of them have found jobs and internships over the course of the semester, and we know that they will excel in the "real world"!  We cannot see where they end up!

  1. All year long, families scattered throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex anticipate Cookies and Castles, an event held by the Fort Worth Delta Delta Delta Alumnae Chapter and benefiting Cook Children’s Medical Center. During this event, Tri Deltas at Texas Christian University join children and their families in decorating gingerbread houses and gingerbread men. Throughout the three days this holiday event occurs, there are categorized sessions in which people come and design their delicious masterpieces. Since 2001, this event has raised over $400,000 for Cook Children’s. 
  2. TCU Delta Delta Delta raises thousands of dollars per year through Delta Dunkfest, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament held in the campus recreation center. Delta Dunkfest donates all of its proceeds to a remarkably important branch of Cook Children’s Medical Center. Every summer, Cook Children’s sends cancer patients and their siblings to a specialized facility called Camp Sanguinity. This camp is the perfect summer getaway for the children, and provides an opportunity for them to experience camp like any other kid. Camp Sanguinity offers this escape to any patient at Cook Children’s, including the ones whose families can’t afford the cost. This is why TCU Tri Deltas contribute their time and energy to Delta Dunkfest, and raised over $50,000 for Camp Sanguinity last year.

  1. Delta Gamma has donated money to Cooks children's hospital to help them buy a crucial piece of equipment that will help children with eye impairments.  Our philanthropy is Service For Sight so we are so excited to be able to help change of lives of children who have sight problems.
  2. Members of Delta Gamma made over 145 Braille Bibles which will be sent to third world countries to help teach individuals with sight impairments how to read braille. 

This past calendar year we became members of Gamma Phi Beta’s 1874 Society, participated in a local Girls on the Run race and we were named a 5 Crescent chapter through Gamma Phi Beta’s Order of the Crescent program! 

  1. Raised almost $50,000 for our philanthropy CASA
  2. Started an "Alumni Mentor" program in which local alumni serve as "Bigs" to specific Theta "families." This program is all new and not done yet at any chapter in the nation..we are excited to see how successful it will become!
  3. Theta was ranked second for intramural participation, which has never happened before in the past.
  4. We implemented a new, thorough, transitioning program in which our new officers will be installed. This was approved by nationals as something that has promise for Theta chapters across the nation!

  1. Kappa donated over $16,000 to George C. Clarke Elementary from money we raised at our 2nd Annual Kolor Run. This money will go toward buying books for the children and establishing college scholarships as well!
  2. At our Founder’s Day Celebration, Kappa’s Chapter Advisor Lindsey Jones was the recipient of the Alumni Service Award for 2015!! 
  3. Every semester Kappa hosts different Sisterhood Events to bring the chapter closer together, especially during times we might need a break or the support of our sisters. Our most recent event was held at the Kappa house catered by Torchy’s Tacos, and we are looking forward to our Babe’s catered dinner before finals week. 

  1. We donated $20,000 to the Pi Phi Foundation -- the most out of any chapter across the world!!
  2. We started a new philanthropy called "Pie a Pi Phi" where students paid money to throw a pie in the face of a pi phi
  3. A majority of our sorority participated in the Frogs for Cure music video and we all had fun bonding with one another while raising awareness for breast cancer! 

Some of Sigma Kappa's accomplishments over this past semester include:
  1. Raising over $25,000 for the Sigma Kappa Foundation through our BBB, and over $25,000 for the Alzheimer's Association at the Fort Worth Walk to End Alzheimer's!  
  2. We also enjoyed hosting Donna King and members of Sigma Kappa's National Council following Mrs. King's installation as the chairman of National Panhellenic for the next two years.  
  3. Finally, we had three great social events, an awesome sisterhood retreat and initiated 73 new members this semester!  Sigma Kappa looks forward to another successful semester and wishes all of our new officers the best of luck! 


  1. The Gamma Psi chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was awarded for having the highest GPA of any Zeta Tau Alpha chapter in Texas.
  2. Our chapter was awarded "Crown Chapter " at National Leadership Convention