Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#TCURecruitment2015 Pointers

Recruitment is just around the corner and will be here before we know it! As you are packing and moving to Fort Worth, here are some pointers from our Rho Gammas (Recruitment Guides) for Do's and Don'ts of recruitment...


  • COME IN WITH AN OPEN MIND (no matter your background)...ALL sororities are wonderful!
  • Sleep!
  • Look at who is going in to the chapters with you… they could give you an idea of who your future new member class could be.
  • Keep your schedule private. You don't want to compare your schedule to others or make others feel bad. 
  • Wash your shirt between day 1 and day 2.
  • Go with the chapter you feel like you can be you in and feel most comfortable.
  • Stay hydrated!!
  • It's okay to be emotional and ask questions.
  • You will find friends no matter what house you're in! Ignore your preconceived notions. 
  • Make a decision that's best for you - not what's best for anyone else!
  • Sorority women are just as nervous as you are!
  • Bring flip flops to walk from house to house!
  • Wear something you can be in the heat for 12 hours.
  • Ignore the gossip.
  • Make friends with girls in your group!!
  • Be nice to active members.
  • Trust in the system and in the process.
  • Be yourself (everyone else is already taken)!! 
  • Think about what you're most excited to see on your card every morning when making a decision.
  • Our Greek community is close. Be nice to everyone cause you never know what you say will get around to whom. 
  • You will find a place somewhere on campus where you feel like you belong, whether that is Greek or not! 
  • Go in ready to make friends and enjoy the experience!


  • Don't be afraid to talk to your Rho Gammas: they won’t spill secrets! Everyone is here to help make this process the best it can be for you.
  • Don’t have the assumption that any house is a given 
  • Don't stress about clothing 
  • Don't be afraid of sweat (everyone will)
  • Your sorority doesn't define who you are/ you can be friends with people not in your sorority
  • Don't take it too seriously by sweating the small stuff. It's supposed to be fun. 
  • Don't come in with a made up mind already
  • Don’t listen to the opinions/gossip of other PNMS. 
  • Don't be worried about upsetting your legacy family!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Recruitment FAQs

Recruitment FAQs

Below you will find some of the most common questions we get asked about recruitment. Clear up your questions before #TCURecruitment2015


Which NPC organizations are represented at TCU? Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Kappa, Zeta Tau Alpha
What are the rumors of recruitment? Many of the statements you hear about how chapters recruit or evaluate you are false. Ask your Rho Gamma before assuming! 

Registration Questions

Does my transcript need to be official or unofficial? Either works!

If I’m a sophomore or transfer student, do I still have to provide my high school transcript? Yes, we will need a copy of both your high school and college transcript.

Can I go to Frog Camp Challenge B and still participate in recruitment? Yes! The buses will be back to campus from Frog Camp Challenge B around 6 pm on August 15th just in time for orientation at 9 p.m.! 

What is the last day I can register for TCU Recruitment 2015? August 15th

Grades and Scholarship Requirements to Participate in Recruitment 

What grades are required to participate in recruitment? PNMs must have a 2.25 Cumulative GPA and be enrolled as a full time student (12 semester hours). **Scholarship is a top priority among our organizations. Please note that many chapters recruit women with higher GPA’s 
What are the advantages of participating in recruitment & joining a sorority at TCU? Joining our TCU sorority community cultivates a space for friendship, connection, leadership and service opportunities. All sororities on our campus offer a wide variety of programming and opportunities for lifelong engagement. 
Does TCU offer Open Recruitment or Spring Recruitment? TCU does not have a continuous open recruitment format. Chapters that have opportunities for membership may extend bids during Continuous Open Bidding (COB) after Formal recruitment in the Fall and again in the Spring pending on chapter membership size. Spring COB is very informal, organized by the chapters and not organized by the TCU Panhellenic Association. 

About TCU Recruitment Week

What do I wear? Suggested attire is outlined on our website and on another blog post about this topic.
What will the Recruitment Events entail? Potential New Members (PNMs) will be walking from chapter to chapter and from the main part of campus to our fraternity and sorority housing facilities. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes for walking and bringing a water bottle. Each round has a theme and women will have the opportunity to learn more about the organization’s core values of scholarship, service, leadership and sisterhood. We provide break rooms and tents for shade but it will be hot in August! For more information about each round, please visit the TCU Panhellenic website:
What is the general recruitment schedule?
August 15th: Move In Day and Recruitment Orientation 
o TCU Move In for all women participating in recruitment
o Optional Recruitment Parent Orientation, 5:30pm in the BLUU Ballroom
o Mandatory Recruitment Orientation for all women registered at 9pm in the BLUU Ballroom 
August 16th: Round One: Scholarship, Part One
August 17th: Round One: Scholarship, Part Two 
o Panhellenic Recruitment T-Shirt will be provided at Recruitment Orientation
o PNMs will visit all 12 chapters over the course of two days 
August 18th: Round Two: Service
o PNMs will receive a maximum invitation up to 9 chapters 
August 19th: Round Three: Leadership
o PNMs will receive a maximum invitation up to 6 chapters 
August 20th: Round Four: Sisterhood/Preference
o PNMs will receive a maximum invitation up to 3 chapters 
August 21st: Bid Day!
o Women will wear a white t-shirt that they can change out of and shorts. Chapters distribute their Bid Day shirts to their new members at this event and all members wear matching shirts to the Bid Day festivities 
- If PNM’s are extended a bid, they will meet their Rho Gamma and group on Bid Day and open their Bid Cards together. Bid Day is a fun filled day with activities around Fort Worth hosted by each chapter. 
What if I decide to withdraw from Recruitment or is released? Each year some women that participate in recruitment decide that sorority life might not be something they wish to pursue at this point in time. In addition, each year a very small number of women are released, or not invited to any chapters, from the recruitment process all together. We ensure that all women understand the process of withdrawing from recruitment and we encourage them to join other organizations in the Fall and consider participating in primary recruitment again in the future. TCU has a variety of resources to help your daughter get involved and engaged at TCU as well as gain extra support. Additional resources include the Counseling Center, Campus Life, and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. For more information, please visit:
I'm gluten free (or vegetarian). What do I need to do to make sure I get a meal? You will be eating in the BLUU so there will always be a gluten-free option!
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What does it cost to be in a sorority? Chapter membership dues range per chapter. They range between $650.00-$1100.00 the first semester (new member dues) and range between $440.00-$800.00 for future semesters. The first semester is typically the most costly due to one-time fees, such as initiation and badge fees. 

References and Recommendations 

Whats the difference between a letter of support and a recommendation letter? There is not a difference. Each NPC chapter names their recommendation differently. 

Are recommendations required to participate? No, they are not required by TCU! The only requirement is that your daughter registers for recruitment at TCU. If you know women that are affiliated with a Panhellenic sorority and they wish to write a recommendation or reference we encourage them to do so. Each chapter has its own policies and procedures regarding reference and/or recommendation letters. You may check the website for more information, including the contact information for each chapter. You may also check the website for the national organization as many of our organizations have moved to an electronic submission process. 
If I want to send letters of recommendation, how should I go about this? If you choose to send letters of recommendation, we suggest contacting your city's Alumnae Panhellenic Association. Typically they can gather recommendations from local women for each chapter. You can find the most updated information about recommendations as well as  addresses for each chapter on under the Recruitment section on our website (

Have any other questions, email us at or send us a message on Facebook!