Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Meet the 2016 Panhellenic Executive Council

The Panhellenic Council at Texas Christian University is the coordinating body of the 12 National Panhellenic Conference sororities on campus. Panhellenic executive council members are current sorority members whose goal is to make our campus stronger through creating positive change within the Greek community.

Below is the 2016 Panhellenic Executive Council. Read on to learn more about them and how they hope to improve our community! Congratulations, ladies!

Eden Reeves: Panhellenic President

What is your major/minor?Speech Language Pathology Major/Spanish Minor
Where are you from?Boulder, Colorado
What do you love?
The mountains! My favorite part of being home is hiking or hanging up my hammock in between two trees and reading a good book. I also love going to concerts. One time, the lead singer of my favorite band grabbed my selfie stick and took it stage with him and took pictures. So cool!
What is your favorite thanksgiving dish?
The turkey, of course! It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it. And leftover turkey sandwiches are unbeatable.
What are you looking forward to about being on exec? I am looking forward to the relationships that will come out of exec and continuing the legacy the past execs have made. It will be really cool to have a role in all of the changes coming up in our community this year, like our service trip to Nicaragua and the colonization of Phi Mu! Panhellenic is a large organization on TCU's campus and it is ever-changing. It will be awesome to see what our women do in 2016.
What made you want to be on Panhellenic exec?I have loved watching all of the positive changes that Panhellenic has made over the past year. I wanted to be part of that legacy and empower the women in our community to be the best that they can be.
Have you served Panhellenic in another way?I was a Rho Gamma during recruitment this year, I have been a Chapter Resident Assistant for the past two years, and I was also my chapter's Panhellenic Delegate for the past year.
What are the President’s duties?The president oversees all Panhellenic operations to ensure that all Panhellenic duties are carried out effectively and efficiently. She communicates with the other Greek councils, the university administration and the National Panhellenic Council. The president also works closely with the chapter presidents and presides over all council meetings and executive meetings.

Addie Anthony: VP Management

What is your major/minor? 
Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in special education
Where are you from?
Prairie Village, Kansas
What do you love to do in your free time? 
News updates, being surrounded by friends, participating in philanthropy events
What is your favorite thanksgiving dish? 
Rhodes Rolls, a little doughy
What are you looking forward to about being on exec? 
I am looking forward to meeting new people and creating lasting relationships all while helping the Panhellenic community grow!
What made you want to be on Panhellenic exec? 
I wanted to be on exec after serving as a Rho Gamma. 
Have you served Panhellenic in another way?
I served as a Rho Gamma during this past recruitment.
What are the VP Management’s duties?
The VP Management acts as Parliamentarian during meetings, coordinates all issues relating to the Panhellenic Association bylaws and facilitates the approval process for all philanthropy events in which Panhellenic women participate. She works closely with the Chapter Delegates to promote Panhellenic unity and to uphold the standards of our community.

Anika Sutter: VP Member Development

What is your major/minor? 
Supply Chain Management
Where are you from?
Spring, TX
What do you love to do in your free time? 
I love traveling, reading, cooking, Parks and Rec, and going to concerts
What is your favorite thanksgiving dish? 
Sweet potatoes
What are you looking forward to about being on exec? 
I am looking forward to working with such an awesome group, and having the opportunity to enact change and empower the amazing women on our campus.
What made you want to be on Panhellenic exec? 
I wanted to be on exec so that I would have the opportunity to learn more about each chapter on campus and how we can continue to grow as a community.
Have you served Panhellenic in another way?
I was a Rho Gamma!
What are the VP Member Development’s duties?
The VP Member Development works with the scholarship chairs of each of the Panhellenic chapter to promote the high ideals of academic success within the Panhellenic community. She coordinates leadership opportunities, recognizes outstanding scholastic members and coordinates Panhellenic scholarship programming. Through sister sororities, a fall event with the Associate Panhellenic Delegates and working with the New Member Educators from each chapter, she strives to create the ultimate New Member experience.

Caroline Pullman: VP Public Relations

What is your major/minor? 
I am Pre-Business right now but I'm hoping to do Marketing and BIS double major once accepted into the business school.
Where are you from?
I grew up in Sherman, TX and then moved to Fort Smith, AR during high school but I consider both places to be my home. 
What do you love? 
Meeting new people/being around people in general, the cookies at Magnolias in the BLUU 2, and going on spontaneous adventures. 
What is your favorite thanksgiving dish? 
Stuffing :-)
What are you looking forward to about being on exec? 
Getting to know and spending time with the other girls on exec and assisting in next year's recruitment.
What made you want to be on Panhellenic exec? 
I went to the UIFI conference this summer and had a really great experience there, and my small group leader inspired me to want to serve on Panhellenic Exec. 
What are the VP Public Relations’ duties?
The VP Public Relations serves as the liaison between the Panhellenic Council and local media. She coordinates all publicity materials and general promotions for the Panhellenic Association. She spends her days on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms in order to communicate the accomplishments of her Panhellenic sisters.

Sydney Leech: VP Recruitment Operations

What is your major/minor?
Double Major in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management
Where are you from?
Chattanooga, Tennessee
What do you love? 
Cooking, running, adventuring, hanging out with friends, playing with my dog, visiting my family
What is your favorite thanksgiving dish?
Turkey and stuffing
What are you looking forward to about being on exec? 
Panhellenic is a special exec team because we are all from different organizations, but have the same goals. I think we can make a big impact on the Panhellenic community while also helping each other to become better leaders! Secondly, I am so excited to meet the PNM's for the TCU Class of 2020 and help them find a home in the TCU Panhellenic Community!
What made you want to be on Panhellenic exec?
I loved my time as Chief Recruiting Officer for my chapter; however, I want to be a part of something bigger. I wanted to meet a group of female leaders who are just as excited about making changes in our community as I am. I am so passionate about Recruitment and knew that I had the knowledge to make a difference in this position.
What are the duties of the VP Recruitment Operations?
The VP Recruitment Operations is in charge of coordinating all aspects of Panhellenic Recruitment (formal, informal and continuous open bidding). Throughout the summer, she will assist with orientation sessions. During the weeks leading up to and including formal Recruitment, she will oversee the Panhellenic recruitment team and coordinate all National Panhellenic Unanimous Agreements regarding Membership Recruitment Rules. 

Ryan Murray: VP Recruitment Programming

What is your major/minor? 
Actuarial Mathematics major and Economics minor
Where are you from?
Southlake, TX
What do you love? 
Spending time with friends and family, shopping, and watching Grey's Anatomy (duh)
What is your favorite thanksgiving dish? 
Stuffing, for sure
What are you looking forward to about being on exec? 
I am looking forward to meeting new people, growing close and working with the other girls on Panhellenic Exec, and helping the Panhellenic community as a whole. 
What made you want to be on Panhellenic exec? 
I wanted to be on Panhellenic Exec because I wanted to make a difference in our Panhellenic community. 
Have you served Panhellenic in another way?
I was both a Rho Gamma, as well as a Associate Delegate.
What are the duties of the VP Recruitment Programming?
The VP Recruitment Programming works to choose and train Panhellenic women to lead the potential new members through recruitment. 

Amy Crowe: VP Finance and Administration

What is your major/minor? 
Accounting major
Where are you from?
Kaukauna, WI (right by Green Bay…GO PACK GO!)
What do you love? 
I love dancing, shopping, reading and eating…I’m a major foodie 
What is your favorite thanksgiving dish? 
Sweet potatoes!! (see pic)
What are you looking forward to about being on exec? 
I look forward to getting to know all of the different women on exec and getting to help improve the Panhellenic community.
What made you want to be on Panhellenic exec? 
I wanted to be on Panhellenic exec because I wanted to help serve the whole Greek community rather than just an individual chapter.
Have you served Panhellenic in another way?
I just transferred from the University of Wisconsin and I was on the Panhellenic Judicial Board there
What are the VP Finance and Administration’s duties?
The VP of Finance and Administration manages and creates the annual and formal recruitment budgets. She distributes reimbursements, provides donations to other organizations on campus and collects monetary funds for our Panhellenic philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood. In addition to her role as treasurer, she also serves as the secretary. She creates agendas for weekly executive and council meetings, takes attendance and accurately records minutes.

Hannah Taylor: VP Service and Philanthropy

What is your major/minor? 
My major is Writing and my minor is Film and TV Studies
Where are you from?
I am from Austin, TX
What do you love? 
I love reading writing, knitting and watching movies and TV. I am a big TV person. 
What is your favorite thanksgiving dish? 
Mashed Potatoes!
What are you looking forward to about being on exec? 
I am looking forward to truly making a difference on a large scale, as well as better understanding the intricate way the Panhellenic system works! Greek life here is so important to so many people and I am very cited to play a small hand in how that experience goes for some. 
What made you want to be on Panhellenic exec? 
I went to SEPC last year and completely fell in love with Panhellenic and everything awesome we do. Since then, I have wanted to be part of it all on a larger scale. 
What are the duties of the VP Service and Philanthropy?
She is responsible for all service activities sponsored by Panhellenic Association as well as the philanthropy packets. The VP Service and Philanthropy offers opportunities for all organizations to participate in outside service projects and is in charge of coordinating these projects. She meets regularly with the service chairmen to provide assistance with philanthropic opportunities. In addition, she maintains records of chapter service hours.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Circle of Sisterhood Trek 2016

After Ginny Carroll's visit to campus last week, you may be wondering what the Circle of Sisterhood Trek to Nicaragua will entail. Below you will find the details of the trip, and more!

Application Guidelines:

  • Based on an internal election process, three women from every chapter will be selected to interview with Panhellenic Exec on a later date in January.
  • This process will include an application and an interview, speech or presentation to your chapter. The second part will depend on your chapter. 
  • All candidates will complete the application, which includes background information on the candidate and five short answer questions. You can get this application from your Panhellenic delegate.
  • Each chapter will have a different timeline for this internal process, so talk to your Panhellenic delegate about what your chapter’s process will look like. 
  • Chapter representatives will be chosen by your last chapter meeting.

Trek Details:

  • Nicaragua Trek Dates: May 30th-June 5th, 2016
  • 12 members from the Panhellenic community (1 from each chapter) and both the 2015 and 2016 Panhellenic VP of Service and Philanthropy
  • Two advisors will attend the trek, as well
  • Panhellenic’s goal is to cover all trek and travel costs


The Circle of Sisterhood has chosen buildOn as our Implementing Partner when we fund a school build. buildOn works in some of the poorest countries on the planet to build schools in villages that have historically had no adequate school structure – where students are squeezed into dark and crumbling mid huts, or are taught under trees when the weather permits, or have to walk multiple miles to a neighboring village, or can’t attend school at all. To date, buildOn has built more than 700 schools in seven countries. 
Each day you will spend about four hours contributing labor to the construction of the school. This is the most challenging aspect of the Trek for most participants. Training that builds strength or endurance between now and your Trek will make your time on the worksite easier and more enjoyable. However, no previous construction experience is necessary and there are jobs on the worksite suitable for participants of most any age or skill level. An open mind and a willingness to try new things are the only requirements. 
You will work side by side with members of the community on the worksite, and buildOn staff will assist you as you learn how to use the tools and complete the tasks each day. The entire school project will take approximately 12 weeks to complete. During the first week you can expect to dig and pour the foundation, which is the most labor-intensive part of the process. After your Trek, the community volunteers and buildOn staff will complete the school. Pictures of the finished school and an update on the completion of the project will be sent to you 2-4 weeks after construction is done and the school is painted.

Sample Trek Itinerary

  • Day 1 
    • Arrive in buildOn impact area Meet buildOn staff 
    • Dinner and orientation Overnight in town hotel/hostel 
  • Day 2 
    • Travel to the village 
    • Welcome ceremony and covenant signing Meet host families 
  • Days 3-5 
    • Work on the school in the morning 
    • Cultural workshops in the afternoon 
    • Spend time with your host family in the evening 
  • Day 6 
    • Farewell to the village 
    • Travel back to town for shopping/final dinner 
  • Day 7 
    • Depart for home

If you have any questions about the trek, feel free to email TCU Panhellenic at tcupanhellenic@gmail.com.