Thursday, October 22, 2015

Circle of Sisterhood Foundation: What is it?

On Monday, October 26th, Ginny Carroll from the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation will be speaking at the all-Panhellenic event. In honor of this upcoming event, we want to share with you what Circle of Sisterhood is all about.

What is the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation?
The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is a mechanism by which all sorority women can stand together across affiliation, age, color, and creed to make a difference in the lives of millions of girls and women around the world. Collectively, we are one of the largest communities of college-education women in the world while not even 7% of the world – men and women combined – has college degrees and 2/3 of all illiterate adults are women. Standing together as one community, we will give girls and women an equal chance for rewarding lives and livelihoods through schooling, the learning of a trade, or even a college degree.

Why is CoS important?
The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is the official philanthropy of TCU Panhellenic. 

Why sorority women? 
Without education, girls and women all over the world are unable to reach their full potential. Sorority women are fortunate to have the one thing that will help most women out of poverty—an education. As such, we have a responsibility to those less fortunate.

Why does this matter at TCU?
In the summer of 2016, fourteen women from our community will be going on a trek to Nicaragua to build a school for women. We must raise money to support these women from our community on their service trip. 

How can I help?
At your sorority meeting, your Panhellenic delegate will discuss what we call “the pledge”. You can pledge $10 to support women from our community who will be going on this trek. With your pledge, you will receive a sticker that states “TCU Panhellenic supports Circle of Sisterhood Foundation” (see image below). This money will go towards the school build as well as the transportation and needs of our Panhellenic women. If every Panhellenic woman pledged $10, we'd have the total funds necessary to cover the cost of each woman going on the trek. Remember: that woman could be your sister sitting next to you! 
I want to go on the trip! How can I do that?
Your chapter will be holding an election process that you can participate in. Each woman will fill out an application and make a speech to her chapter. Talk to your delegate about how this process will work in your chapter. Of the three women representing each chapter, one will be chosen through an interview process with the Panhellenic executive council. 

Have other questions? Email TCU Panhellenic at or visit our social media pages (@TCUPanhellenic) for updates! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

2016 Panhellenic Council Elections

Elections for the 2016 Panhellenic Council are fast approaching! Below you will find the details and some advice from the current Panhellenic exec on what to expect. Please email us at or contact any of the current exec members with any questions! 

  • Be yourself and don’t be nervous! 
  • Be sure you have some points to talk about. Think ahead about things you want to change or ideas you want implement if you were selected. Also be sure to acknowledge things that are going well that you plan to continue.
  • Study your position(s) of interest and be sure you’re able to talk about what about you as a person matches with the duties assigned to that person.
  • Be able to talk about yourself… it’s your time to brag and shine! 

  • Be sure you get the election packet from your president, on the Panhellenic website (, or on OrgSync.
  • Make sure you write down the dates and whats required of you for each event! 
  • The required dates during the 2016 school year are actually required… before applying make sure you will be available for these dates!
  • Be sure you’re following dress code for each specific event.
  • Be sure you understand recruitment disaffiliation and everything that goes along with it!
  • Make sure you’ve contacted someone on the current executive council to meet and talk about the positions! (our emails are on the packet)

Application Dates:

  • Applications due: November 4th in the Panhellenic box in the Fraternity and Sorority Life office (located in the Multipurpose Building)
  • Meet the Candidates: November 11th in the BLUU Ballroom
  • Candidate Speeches: November 18th in the Chambers
    • Based on the Meet the Candidates, two people will be slated for each position. These women will give speeches at this time.
  • Results Posted: November 20th at noon on the Panhellenic Website
  • 2016 Officers sworn into office: December 2nd at 5 pm in the Chambers