Friday, October 20, 2017


                   Eunoia is beautiful thinking

Positive                                                                                                                        genuine 

                   appreciation                                        encouragement


      kind thoughts                                                                                  caring spirit

                         turning roadblocks into opportunity

                                                                                  challenges into learning       
  failure into growth                                                                                         pain into understanding 

                                                       adversity into empowerment 

Eunoia encourages you to look at life through a lens that will transform your life experience. It allows you to take any situation in your life, career, education, family, friends, relationships, whatever it may be, if you enable eunoia, you will find a way to make it through. Thinking beautifully is not naiive, it requires strength and intelligence. You are capable of crafting a life that you want. You have to be brave enough to accept the circumstances, pick yourself up, think beautifully, reflect, be confident, and take action. You are a capable, strong, gifted individual who has the power to decide what life to pursue. You can do it all through eunoia. 

If you take a minute to think about...

all you have
all that has been given to you
all that you have worked for
all the experiences you have had
all the people who have impacted you
all the people who support you
all the people who believe in you
all the people who have been there 
the pure beauty in you
your strengths 
your life in itself
the opportunities
the mountains, the valley
the lakes, rives, oceans
flowers, trees, landscape 
dogs, cats, bunnies, pets
fresh air,

suddenly eunoia seems easy. It is. Do not allow the small bumps in the road to become mountains. Anything can be overcome. You will be ok. You can do it. You will do it. You will smile. You will be loved and love no matter what pebble stands in your way. 

Think beautifully, live beautifully, find beauty in all things. 

~ Eunoia ~

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